What is Laminate Flooring?

What is Laminate Flooring?If you’ve decided to put new flooring in your home, you’ve probably come across laminate flooring as an option. Laminate flooring is a type of hybrid floor covering made from a wood base that is covered in an imaged layer and then a transparent wear layer. At Express Affordable Flooring, we often recommend laminate flooring for bedrooms, hallways, dining areas, living areas, and other areas that are not constantly in contact with high levels of moisture.

Some of the reasons laminate flooring is growing in popularity are that these floors are simple and easy to clean, and they do not scratch easily. Compared with other types of flooring, laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive, and this type of flooring does well in homes with children and pets.

Laminate flooring gets installed as a floating floor, meaning that we do not connect the material to the subfloor. Similar to wood flooring, the laminate flooring installation process involves clicking the joining boards into place through tongue-and-groove connections. As a result, laminate flooring is generally simple to install, and our installers can get this type of flooring put in and finished in no time.

Because laminate flooring is a type of engineered flooring, it comes in tons of different color and style options. We’d be happy to introduce you to our laminate flooring options in our showroom or answer any questions you have about this floor type. Contact us today!