What Happens During the Carpet Installation Process?

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What Happens During the Carpet Installation Process?Carpet is a popular flooring type in bedrooms and living areas because of the warmth and comfort it provides. Not only that, but carpet comes in hundreds of colors and styles, so you can find the exact look you’re after.

If you’ve decided to put new carpet in your home, you might be unfamiliar with what the carpet installation process looks like. Here’s what our installers do when they put in new carpet:

  • We start by taking out the old carpet in the space and preparing the surface for the new flooring you selected.
  • The carpet you ordered gets delivered to your home, and we take it and lay it out in the space where it will go.
  • We cover up entryways and vents nearby the installation area, so we can better contain any debris that happens during the carpet installation process.
  • We carefully and accurately measure the new carpet pieces and put them in their pre-designated areas.
  • We staple down the new carpeting and make sure it is securely in place.
  • Once the carpet is down, we remove any leftover materials and scraps of carpet from your home.

Most of the time, the carpet installation process only takes a few hours, so you can enjoy your new carpeted floors quickly. If you’re ready to put new carpet in your home or want to learn more about the carpet installation process, get in touch with us today.