Perks to Choosing Vinyl
Plank Flooring

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Floor shopping can be overwhelming and stressful, there are so many options to choose from and the design possibilities are endless. Vinyl plank flooring is up there as one of the most common types of flooring. But why is it so popular? Here are the top perks to choosing plank flooring for your home.

Perks to Choosing Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • Waterproof – Vinyl plank flooring is ideal for any room in your home, but it is most frequently seen in common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and hallways. Having a flooring that is waterproof is highly beneficial in the areas of your home that have the highest risk of spills. Waterproof flooring will prevent moisture and water damage affecting your home.
  • Low Maintenance – Every type of flooring requires regular cleanings, and vinyl plank flooring is no different. However, there is a lot less maintenance required for vinyl flooring compared to other flooring options. Vinyl plank flooring doesn’t require waxing and is equipped with a protective layer to slow down wearing over the years.
  • Durable – Vinyl plank flooring is extremely durable. Vinyl plank is designed for everyday use as it doesn’t scratch, stain, or dent as easily as other flooring options.

We hope these perks have inspired you to consider vinyl plank flooring in the future. We are confident that vinyl plank flooring will provide you with a durable, low-maintenance, and waterproof flooring system that will last you for years. If you have any questions regarding vinyl plank flooring or the services we provide, please contact us at Express Affordable Flooring.